Phoenix Comic Creation Workshops


The idea is that IBW bookshops run a kids comic workshop during IBW (we recommend 8-11 year olds) – and booksellers need NO personal drawing ability whatsoever – then you  send the artwork created (there will be a helpful, creative template) to the wonderful folk at The Phoenix to judge.
Once they have judged the best comic creations from the bookshop comic creators, they’ll  create a whole Phoenix comic drawn for IBW that will be published ready  as an independent exclusive for BAMB in October.
To help publicise the workshops, Phoenix are  including a storyline in the comic about bookshops. In this storyline, one of our characters will leave a golden phoenix feather in a bookshop – and this item should form the basis of the comic the children create. 
So, of you fancy running a great fun interactive workshop for IBW, there is a fabulous pack available from Phoenix.   You’ll get three activities as a warm up which should take 10 minutes each (depending how long your session is) then a template (there are two to choose from) for the children to draw their own comic around the story of a phoenix feather which can be for the final half hour. When they create this comic it can either be in groups or individually, whatever works best for you - photocopy it as much as you fancy!
For further information, or to receive a pack, email   Kate would just like to point out that, having gained a dismal grade for GCSE art, she can vouch for the foolproofness of the workshop.
We hope you are already planning lots of fabulous IBW activity for our 10th Birthday this year – do let us know what you have planned – and also don’t forget to upload all your activities and events via Caboodle.   If you are not sure how to use Caboodle to upload events, contact  Stacey Croft
We look forward to hearing from you with all your IBW plans.